Good Cuban Girls Don't Go Out in the Rain with Wet Hair 

Feature Film 

Bea, a rebellious high school senior, navigates a new relationship with Ben, a college freshman in her father’s Sociology class. As their bond grows, Bea questions her dream of studying archeology at Princeton, all while living in the shadows of her identity as a Cuban American young woman growing up in Culver City.

ISA Virtual Pitch Challenge Finalist

Emerging Screenwriters Genre Screenplay Competition Quarterfinalist


Short Screenplay 

Beatrice, an eighteen year old girl finishing up her senior year of high school, has so much more ahead of her. Yet, she returns to the little league field she used to play at every day in order to have a conversation with an unwelcome guest.

Father Daughter Poster.jpg

Father Daughter

Short Film 

When a young girl gets into a fight at school, her mother tries to bring more religion into her life. On the other hand, her father, a former Cuban boxer, wants to teach her spirituality through learning how to fight the right way. 

Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 10.16.22

Nona's Red Sauce

Short Film 

After her grandmother’s passing, a young woman struggles to replicate her grandmother’s recipes in an attempt to bring her family back together, eventually receiving help from a mysterious source.

Remembering Cuba

Short Documentary

"Remembering Cuba" follows the story of one Cuban-American family, tracing how the experiences of Cuban immigrants themselves have shaped their first and second generation relatives over time.

Feature Film Script 

Based on the true story and people from Remembering Cuba, this story chronicles one family's journey from Cuba to America, and how that journey impacts them for generations to come. 

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